Free Glasses for Kindergarten Kids!

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Free Glasses for Kindergarten Kids

We all want our kids to do well in school and as parents we try to do everything in our power to help them be ready. Unfortunately, there is an obstacle to successful learning that many children face: 25% of children begin grade one with a vision or eye problem that has NOT been detected! This saddens me and is one of the reasons I participate in the “Eye See… Eye Learn”. Through this program, kindergarten kids receive a full eye exam and if needed, free glasses! Every kid in kindergarten qualifies for this program. It’s not based on income or any other factors.

All exams for those under 19 years old are covered by Alberta Health Care. For those in kindergarten, the glasses, if needed, are provided at no charge. It’s accessible for all children and the reason I participate is because I believe that all children should have the best vision available to them.

Even if you think your children do not have any vision problems, they should get their eyes checked because many vision problems are only detected by a full exam. Even as an optometrist, I couldn’t be sure that my children are seeing properly if I didn’t bring them in and do the proper tests. Remember the stat from above: 25% of kids in grade one have an undetected vision problem.

In the fall, my son Jaxon will be starting kindergarten and to get ready we have reviewed his letters and numbers, purchased a cool backpack (thanks Max and Maude), and I will definitely be checking his eyes. Get your kid’s eyes checked too. It’s free!

If you have any questions about the program, email me at or call our office at 780-467-2145.